17 ноември 2010

What whould you do?

If you have a little tiny clip like that?

I was playing tonight with my brand new "bind-it-all" machine (hip, hip, finale) and this thing was attached for the wire that was holding the "bindy" safe for the box. With warning "please do not remove, or the product may damage". After some thinking, I decided to remove it otherwise wouldn't be possible to get off the wire and use the machine. How clever am I, a?
Anyways, around midnight (2.19 now) I was getting ready to put all my crap back in the boxes, clear all left overs from cuts, sticky tapes and so on, when I saw that little, tiny clip...again. Couldn't trow it in the rubbish, is such a cute little, tiny clip I thought I'd give it a new life. And here is what I came up with.

Cut some DP of your choice, cover with glossy accent and let it dry. Keep open in case the glue flows. When ready, turn and repeat.

Make sure you leave your finger prints on the "not so dry" glue in front ! Again let it dry and hang something nice on it. In my case, green reindeer tag (you don't see that on "Animal Planet", do you?)

, perhaps a kitchen towel, or reminder on the wall, or where ever you put things like that. :)

I'm off for now. And btw, I'm quite busy lately and keep doing things every day, just can't find the right light for my new camera to show of. Yey, I have new camera! It's been better then Christmas for me this week. I came to think Santa mush have been stuck in our chimney from last year. :)

p.s. Don't mind the bubbles and this whole was really tricky to cut out!!!

5 коментара:

  1. Честити придобивки, Нана! Да си ги ползваш със здарве! :)
    Много сладка е станала щипката.
    Хубав ден!

  2. страхотна си Нана ,страхотна пълна с идеи!

  3. You're amazing!!! I ADORE the little images you put on the clip.

  4. Hi! your clips are totally gorgeous,love all your makes.
    hugs Lou.xx
    yummy header,i am button mad :)