27 ноември 2010

A snow day

We have a snow day today. Is not really usual for this part of the world, even though we had a very snowy winter last year. While the kids were having a go with the bigest snowman ever,

I transformed the very plain and boring clock in the kitchen.

My friend Nelly posted an altered clock couple of months ago, and I knew I had to give it a go some day. Just couldn't decide on papers really to go with my blue - yellow kitchen. The perfect piece came with the post yesterday and it's a very gorgeous paper form the new October Afternoon collection - "Modern homemaker", so it was kind of worth waiting. :)

While i was writing this the kids asked me to go and see the snowman. It does look funny you must agree! :D

Whatever the weather at your place today, have some fun and enjoy it!

Thank you for stopping by and take care!

p.s. Don't ask why is the bin there, they couldn't tell either! :)

6 коментара:

  1. hahaha, Parvoto neshto koeto zabeljazah beshe zelenijat kontejner i az imam sashtijat :)
    Tuk e studeno, no pak slanchevo.
    Chasovnika e stanal mnogo interesen i vesel.
    Prijatna pochivka.

  2. -Вземам идеята от часовника-

  3. Нана, часовникът ти е станал много свеж, излъчва усещане за топлина и домашен уют.(докога ще ни измъчваш само с английски пост:-)))Бъбрива си,не пречи да си го кажеш по нашенски!!!!

  4. LOL, hilarious. That snowman is so sad!! Bless their little hearts. :)

    LOVE the altered clock. Gosh girl....your talent always amazes me!!

  5. Как искам и аз да правя снежни човеци, но още няма сняг при нас. Часовникът е много красив.