02 май 2010

Some exciting news

Things just got better and brigther. When I started few months ago (yep that's right i have strated cardmaking less then a year ago), I wouldn't even think of being part of any design team in some of the bigist challenges blogs. Now thousands of $$$ latter (this hobby is bloody expencive and everything is "I must have it", why no one told me before?!) things have changed. :) For good I hope!
I have been asked to join the awesome Pile it on team, and it's been a great honor! Thank you, girls! I'm so looking foward to work with all of you!

Now if you haven't been to the PIO yet, please hop over and follow this great challenge blog with many creative and talanted DT's to inspire you every week. Not just that, but with one quick look, you get to know what other challenges blogs have at the time, so you can quickly submit your card to more places. How good is that, and how much time does it save? Brilliant!

Well, ofc there are some bad news with that as well, is just..... I have to punish you with my crapy english even more often. Muhaha, hope my card would worth the pain. :)

Grab your sweet banner, go to Pile it on, follow, and join the fun!

hugs Nana

5 коментара:

  1. Нана, да ти е честито глобалното признание, което си получила за твоето призвание! Да си жива и здрава и занапред да носиш радост с творчеството си и още по големи признания да получиш! С радост ще следя този блог....

  2. Нана, честито :) радвам се за теб :)

  3. Честито, Нана! Желая ти много вдъхновение, повечко свободно време и още много успехи!

  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the DT! Looking forward to working with you :)